Author: Kat Overland

Top 10 Redheads: Anime Edition

We at Women Write About Comics want to show our support for the red-haired people of this world! Back in 2014, Ashley Schmuecker put out her top ten list of kick-ass superheroes and villains with glorious red (and orange) locks. It’s about time we showcased more awesome redheads, isn’t it? WWAC writers have nominated and voted on our favorite red-haired anime characters, and voilà! First, the honorable mentions go to: A-ko Magami (Project A-ko) A-ko is a student at Gravitron High who is nigh-invulnerable, possibly the child of Superman and Wonder Woman (no copyright infringement though wink wink). She stars in what was meant...

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Disability in the Dystopian Future of Mad Max: Fury Road

Approximately 15% of the world’s population has some kind of disability, but in pop culture people with disabilities are rarely seen: only 1% of characters have some kind of disability in American television shows. It’s not a trend that more genre films have managed to shake. The Hunger Games, for example, is a franchise that actively sanitized its characters with visible disabilities — Peeta’s prosthetic leg is gone from the adaptation, as is Katniss’ deafness and subsequent hearing aid. The villainous Snow, however, retains his chronic illness, his unwellness still a signifier of his sickening politic views and morals. That’s the...

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Marvel Characters Who Could Help #DiversifyAgentCarter

Agent Carter, Marvel’s post-WWII mini-series, has been renewed for another season after a period of uncertainty regarding its return. Lauded as a show with a strong female lead that takes a hard look at the sexism faced by women in a male dominated workplace, it has created a very loyal fanbase who spent weeks tweeting #RenewAgentCarter as they waited for news on its return. As praised as the show is, it does have its blind spots: mainly, it’s very straight, white, and cis. That criticism prompted Mikki Kendall, an author and creator of the hashtag #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen, to tweet: Someone should...

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