Bright is out and it’s bad! The new David Ayers/Max Landis film about orc cops and fantastic racism hit Netflix this weekend and 27% of critics despised it, including our own Ardo Omer. The film has been lambasted for racism, sexism, bad writing, and even more racism. It’s…it’s just bad. Despite all the deserved criticism and straight up hate, its audience score on Rotten Tomatoes has soared to 90%, proving that all those folks who created an account to downvote The Last Jedi care about more than just hating women. They also care about supporting their king, Rey-hater in chief, Max Landis. That or they’re racist AND sexist.

While the release of Bright has unleashed a terrible evil upon Netflix subscribers everywhere, it’s also had the positive effect of creating a platform for women Landis has hurt to speak out. Veiled accusations about Landis have been floating around industry blogs and social media for years,. His abusive treatment of women, both colleagues and romantic partners, is an open secret in the industry–kept secret because of the too common fear that women who speak up won’t be believed or even persecuted, and out of fear of Landis’ father, director John Landis.

A Queer Disney Princess?

The directors of 2017 smash hit, Moana, say that “the possibilities are really open” for a queer Disney princess. Ron Clements and John Musker, interviewed this week in HuffPo, told the outlet that a creative team that’s committed to telling a great new story about a queer princess could push Disney to finally expanding positive representation of LGBTQ people. They didn’t explain why they think the time is now, but hey, if you’ve got a queer princess pitch…

T W O New Shows from Insecure‘s Issa Rae!

HBO has picked up two Issa Rae pitches for development: Him Or Her, a half hour dating comedy about a young, bisexual, Black man; and Sweet Life, a Black teen drama about the affluent kids who live in L.A’s Windsor Hills. Former Daily Show writer Travon Free is set to executive produce Him Or Her alongside Rae, while she will team with Scandal producer Raamla Mohamed for Sweet Life.

Mel Gibson Sued

The former writer-director, current pox on humanity, Mel Gibson is being sued by Voltage Pictures over the film Professor and the Madman, about the Oxford English Dictionary. Alas, Gibson isn’t being sued for being an abusive wretch, but as part of a complicated back-and-forth legal battle over the film’s release and distribution. Voltage is suing Gibson along with his producing partner Bruce Davey for trying to “unlawfully hijack control of and/or interfere with [its] ability to exploit the rights to distribute the motion picture.” They also allege Gibson and Davey engaged in fraudulent behaviour–a claim that the partners also made about Voltage, back in July.

What a mess! Hollywood Reporter has all the details here.

Pay-to-Play Casting Investigation Continues

Since February’s announcement of multiple indictments, Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer has been going after casting directors who accepted or solicited bribes from talent agencies and individual performers. This week Ty Harman (Santa Clarita Diet, The Real O’Neals), Eddie Jaszek (Castle) and Kate Reed (Shooter) all accepted plea deals from Feuer that would see them perform community service and, I don’t know, hopefully lose their jobs? This business. Is terrible.


  • Dave Chapelle has another standup special out this month from Netflix!? That brings him to a total of four Netflix specials.
  • Disney’s Gravity Falls has erased Louis CK in the wake of sexual assault accusations against the actor and comedian. Show runner and voice actor Alex Hirsch rerecording CK’s part as The Horrifying Sweaty One-Armed Monstrosity.
  • There’s concept art for Riverdale spinoff/sister show Sabrina!
  • Your Dear White People fav, Logan Browning, joins Allison Williams (Girls) for an upcoming thriller about…sinister cellists?